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The conductor is wrapped in a Teflon™/Kapton™ tape as illustrated above.

VIP's unique insulation process generates smaller, safer, more reliable wire for transformers. Although the industry has set the standard for safety at three insulation layers-- we've taken it a step further.

Our four-layer insulation system, surpasses all requirements for triple-insulated wire. And our high temperature rating of 180 degrees makes our wire the safest available on the market today and best positioned for the future.

The conductor is wrapped in a Teflon™/Kapton™ tape (as illustrated in the photo, above) and is bonded to the wire and to the polymide, creating a homogeneous product that allows designers to meet creepage requirements without having to resort to margin tapes, sleeving, and other expensive or inefficient measures. In addition, the process doesn't use Teflon™ as the main insulator because it cold flows. We use DuPont tape, rated 5KV, double-wrapped in a single pass.




UL Approved

 Log in to the website to see UL certificates ( VIP wire is tough and durable. It won't scratch or nick during assembly, increasing production yield and maintaining lower leakage inductance.

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